Shipping Outwith UK

We aim to ship to you in the most cost effective way we can find.

This has led to significant changes (we're still working out) due to the way the Royal Mail has changed its postal charges. We charge what it costs us to send the parcel, plus a little to cover the outer packaging. Due to changes in Royal Mail charges, it's sometimes cheaper to send outwith the UK, than within the UK via Royal Mail. Not crazy! Unfortunately, Royal Mail is still the cheapest way to ship to Continental Europe from the UK. So that's what we currently use.

International 'signed for'

If in any doubt as to your order arriving safely - use this!

In the past, we've used 'international signed for' - meaning you need to 'sign for' the package at the far end. WE've however not been satisfied with this very expensive service - around £6 extra - so we've decided to take a chance and see how it goes without 'signed for'. What it does do is dramatically reduce the postal charges to you. While this works, and it has so far, we'll continue with this method. It always helps if you can advise us when a parcel arrived safely.

Unsigned - cheaper but risky - depending on how well you trust YOUR postal service.

Royal Mail - International

We used to send this by 'international signed for' costing an arm and a leg to do so - around £6 on top of the postage. We also discovered that once the package leaves the UK, the UK Postal service no longers offers the tracking service, simply confirming that the package has left the country. Luckily, we have not had any problems with the system. So we don't see the point in charging you for something that in effect neither you nor we benefit from.

As a result, we now offer 'regular' postage to overseas customers - taking from 14 to 21 days to arrive.

It is significantly cheaper to do, however will only work if we work together. We will always have proof of posting the package, a scan of which we'll provide should you require it to help trace the package. We'll also do everything we can, should the package go missing to try to recover it.