Quality snacks from the finest ingredients
All our jerky is gluten free and soy free
and produced by hand from 'grass fed' beef and wild Highland venison

about us

   We started making beef jerky more than 10 years ago, after finding it very difficult to find in Britain. That was in 2002 and we believe we were first in the UK to produce jerky of any kind.

Our plan was to make jerky from the best ingredients available to us. That was (and we believe remains) grass-fed Scotch Beef, available widely here in Scotland and held in very high regard around the world.

We supply delicatessens and farm shops around Britain, and are continually trying to extend our reach. So if you can suggest a shop we should be supplying, please get in touch.

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beef jerky from Scotch beef

At the start

On deciding to 'make it' rather than import it, we felt it made sense to use 'locally sourced' Scotch grass-fed beef. It's among the most sought after beef in the world. And while a little more expensive, we believe you will taste the difference.

Our Venison is equally high in quality, (but less famous) is naturally reared (in the wild) on the shooting estates of Sutherland, the county on Scotland's northernmost coast.

Take Beef Jerky and Venison Jerky to the hills